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Amish Woodwork is your certified dealer for Sturdi-Bilt Storage Barns. 


Sturdi-Bilt storage barns are carefully built to order, the way a carpenter builds a house. Standard wood framing techniques and materials are used, scaled to shed dimensions. Two to four – depending on building width – 4×4 pressure treated timber skids form the foundation runners. Floor joists are standard 2×4’s spaced 16 inches on center and covered with ¾ ” Advan Tech flooring… screwed down to minimize squeaks. 2×4 studs frame the walls and are spaced 16-24″ on center (depending on wall height). The 2×4 rafters are spaced 24 inches on center and designed to maximize headroom. The roof consists of  7/16″ exterior grade OSB sheathing covered with asphalt felt and 240 pound/square fiberglass three tab shingles. Woodgrain panel residential siding with reverse battens finishes the exterior – a superior 50 year, insect and rot treated product!

Double, swinging doors with choice of six trim styles open a full 5’11” height. 8′ wide buildings have 45 ½ ” wide doors and 10, 12, and 14′ wide buildings come standard with 60″ doors. Doors are strengthened by a 2×4 frame and fitted with top quality latches, bolts, and braces. Sidings and trims colors come in a selection of 14 standard colors or we can match your color preference. There are 9 standard shingle colors and 20 metal roof colors to choose from or we can most times match your roof style and color. The wood floor can be deleted and the building built on-site on your concrete pad. Popular options include windows, shelves, ramps and vents.

The Barn Collection

Classic Barn – 6” end overhangs, 10’ wide barn also includes one 2’ loft in back and 12’ wide barn includes two 4’ lofts

Classic Barn 460x355

Elite Barn – has 6 slope barn roof, bonnet, 4” side overhangs, 10’ wide barn also includes one 2’ loft in back and 12’ wide barn includes two 4’ lofts

Elite Barn 460x443

Classic Lofted Barn – 6’ side walls, (7’ for 14’ wide), 4 slope barn roof, 6” end overhangs, full loft with 4’ access space between lofts

        Classic Lofted Barn. 320x327   Classic Lofted Barn 324x327

Elite Lofted Barn – 7’ side walls, 6 slope barn roof, 4” overhang on sides, full loft and ladder

Elite Lofted Barn420x448

Lofted Barn. 420x255

The Gable Collection

Classic Gable – 7’ side walls, (8’ for 14’ wide), 4:12 roof pitch

Classic Gable ...227x221        Classic Gable 320x221

Classic Gable..460x183

Elite Gable – 7’ side walls, (8’ for 14’ wide), 4:12 roof pitch, 6” overhangs

Elite Gable.320x233   Elite Gable 337x233

Elite Gable 460x259

Elite Cape Cod – 8’ side walls, 6:12 roof pitch, 10” overhangs, full loft, 30 year laminate shingles or 29 gauge metal roof

Elite Cape Cod. 320x238    Elite Cape Cod 358x238

Elite Cape Cod 460x271

Rancher – 7’ front & 6’ back walls, 12” overhang on front, 6” overhang on sides and back, 14’ wide Ranchers are 1’ taller

Rancher 460x305

Steel Sided – Steel-sided Classic Gable and steel-sided Elite Lofted Barns have 7′ side walls, double doors, 29 gauge steel roof, siding & trims, and the Sturdi-Bilt quality you’ve come to expect and trust.

SS Elite Lofted 460x340

SS Gable

 Build on Site – In the Case that we are unable to deliver your building or you would like a concrete floor we can build your building on site.

 Built On Site Elite Gable 460x216

Built On Site Elite Gable 460x337

Built on Site 16wide 460x345

Amish Woodwork is a Sturdi-Bilt Authorized Dealer  

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