About us


Richard and I are thankful for the opportunity to serve our community with the finest quality American-made products available.

Amish Woodwork was started with the focus of:

  • Providing product that will enhance family living and quality time spent together
  • Provide the opportunity to obtain merchandise not readily found in this area
  • Provide quality products at fair and honest pricing
  • Supporting American-made products
  • Supporting recycling efforts
  • Serving the Emporia community with additional business
  • Creating long-lasting customer friendships in the community and surrounding areas

Amish Woodwork is thankful for the opportunity to offer Emporia and the surrounding communities products not readily available in this area. We wanted to offer products that are of the highest quality and durability for those who use them. These products are well worth the value of the dollar spent with long lasting value unlike the less expensive, throw away items that are available in today’s market.

The effort to preserve America’s heritage and craftsmanship are of great concern in today’s global market where most of the products available come from overseas. The products that we offer are American-made and have the detailed quality, durability and style one can expect from an Amish made product.

We are also supporters of recycling. The Poly product is exactly that. Milk jugs, water bottles and pop bottles are turned into a diversity of products that are stylish, colorful, long lasting and UV resistant. These products help lessen the load of the growing waste and make it usable.

We are thankful that we have this opportunity to serve the Emporia community. Richard and I are lifelong residents of Emporia.  We continue to believe in the growth of Emporia and will continue to support Emporia and the Emporia areas with quality product and service.

We are also thankful for the abilities the Lord has given us to be able to offer Amish Woodwork to our community and friends.

Have a Blessed day

Anthony Hines