Enjoy the serenity that a gazebo adds to your location. Gazebos are an attractive and functional way of enjoying the outdoors with just enough shelter that you can still experience the openness of the outdoors.

South Wind Gazebos are manufactured using #1 natural select treated yellow pine lumber that is milled after treatment and drying. This material adds strength, durability and longevity while maximizing safety, comfort and quality of finish.

Available styles are Octagon, Oblong, Square or Rectangle

Floor joists, decking and rafters are framed using 2×6 lumber. The posts use 4×4 lumber and banisters use 2×4 railing with 2×2 spindles. Banisters and fascia trims are finished in a scalloped design.

Roofs: metal roofs are standard with upgrade options of cedar or asphalt shingles

Upgrade options:

  • Sealer, red or brown color
  • Painted
  • Benches and shelves
  • Double roofs
  • Screens
  • Cupolas
  • Spindle styles





Amish Woodwork an Authorized Dealer for South Wind Gazebos

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